Transform Your Space With Accessories Without Adding Clutter

Accessories are what make your house a home and give it that certain je ne sais quoi. By accessories, we don’t mean your grandmother’s bric-a-brac displayed across your mantle but some carefully considered pieces that pull the room together and represent you. Our lives are cluttered enough with work, technology, noise and general pollution so calm your living space with a few essentials without adding clutter. Done right, accessories tell your story and reflect what’s important to you. Consider these additions to breathe life into your space without the added mess.Accessories can add warmth and an inviting feel with natural materials. Try a blanket or throw that is subtle in pattern but rich in texture like this Ollie Throw from EQ3. It is 100% wool and neutral enough to be a subtle addition to your sofa or armchair.Bring texture to your room with textiles, plants and baskets. This natural, hand-woven seagrass Trundle Basket by EQ3 works beautifully for displaying your favourite indoor plant or storage for toys or throws. Area rugs also create texture and pull a room together like this bold hand-woven Follower Rug by Calligaris. The Follower Rug is characterized by a series of different coloured bands in varying widths. Create a grouping or cluster of similar accessories such as photos, vases or candles for a more cohesive look. Groups of threes are ideal but rules are made to be broken. Get creative and let your inner designer create a grouping of objects that reflect you. 

Florian by Calligaris is a beautiful floor vase with a simple streamlined design that will bring your space dimension and interest. Made from coloured opal glass, it features a cylinder shape with a narrow opening. Fill it with flowers or simply leave it empty to add a touch of sophistication to your interior. Available in various colours and two different heights.Keep accessories functional and subtle like these modern Coast Marble Bookends by EQ3. 

Available in two sizes, the Match Mirror by Calligaris can be hung horizontally or vertically. Perfect for any room, Match brings a midmod feel while reflecting light around your space.

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