Choosing the Right Dining Chair

tatechair8Once upon a time, dining tables came as a set with matching chairs and you never had to consider whether they were the perfect pairing or not. Today we have the liberty to create a personalized dining experience with individually curated pieces based on your own style preference and your home’s overall aesthetic. However, with an abundance of chairs to choose from, selecting the right dining chairs can be a challenge, even for the seriously design savvy.tatechairThis midcentury-inspired Tate Chair by EQ3 features solid oak with rounded edges and a natural shape. Works well on its own or paired with the Tate Dinette table. Once you have your table picked out, how will you choose the chairs to go with it? First, determine the style that best reflects you and your home: contemporary, farmhouse, midcentury or minimalist modern…narrow down your preferred style and start researching. Instead of looking for a perfect match, choose elements of your dining table that you want to see reflected in the chairs.frances dining chairAs one of EQ3’s most comfortable dining chairs, the Frances Chair is upholstered in soft linen and features a curved backrest. The solid oak legs create a rustic organic feel. A far cry from the matching dining chairs, the mismatched dining chair trend is au courant. If you do choose mismatched chairs, it’s important to ensure that they’re the same height so that you and your guests aren’t looking up or down at each other. Regardless of the table’s shape, most tables measure approximately 30″ high and most chairs will have 17″ to 19″ of space between their seats and your floor. acel dining chairConsider the chair’s material and comfort. Made from high-quality recycled leather, the Acel Dining Chair boasts clean lines and a soft, polished aesthetic. Do you host dinner parties that involve lingering at the table over aperitifs and dessert? Do you have children that are learning to use utensils? You may want to consider the care of your seats to help narrow your options.gossip dining chairThe Gossip Chair by Calligaris features armrests and a solid wood frame. The upholstered seat includes stain-resistant and antibacterial fabric. In addition to dining rooms, the Gossip chair works well in living rooms and offices. The contoured seat and curved backrest are optimized for comfort without compromising style and aesthetics.openback dining chairThe timeless design of the Calligaris Open Back Chair makes it an instant classic. It features a solid wood design, upholstered seat and angled back panel for added comfort. Custom fabric and leather options are available with the Open Back Dining Chair. Come into our showroom and please take a seat.

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